Dusty Wygle

Dusty Wygle - BMX - Contraptions

Age: 23
Hometown: Sun Valley, Ca
Currently resides: Newport Beach, Ca
Nickname: too many
What is your favorite food: mexican/sushi or mexican style sushi. mmm… that sounds good.
What is your favorite place to visit: Australia! I have been twice before and nothing beats it.
What do you do when no-one’s watching? Same thing i do when everyone IS watching. Or do I….
Worst piece of advice you ever received: The people around me are great. I am usually my own worst enemy.
Hidden talent you have that no one knows about: I am a professional underwater basket weaver.
Craziest moment in the Nitro Circus: ?personal moment: when I over-jumped the crap out of an 85 foot Double and jumped off my bike and landed in the flat around 110 feet.I think Jim De Champ falling from 80 feet into 3 feet of water and walking away without a scratch was a miracle. Travis jumping without a parachute. I’m not sure i can really comprehend that.
My Momma always said: Many important things I really should have listened to.
What’s your biggest weakness? Lately, good waves.
Who’s the most famous person following you on Twitter: I don’t have one.
What famous person would you like to meet: I have no idea
Last words: I have a belly button. Enjoy the show!