Chris Haffey

Chris Haffey – Rollerblades

Age: 25
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Currently resides: Long Beach, CA
Nickname: superman
What is your favorite food: Sushi or mexican
What is your favorite place to visit: Montpellier, France
What do you do when no-one’s watching?  When I am in my car I rap along and pretend that I am H.O.V.A. I got my mojo back baby, oh behave.
Worst piece of advice you ever received: Stay in school.
Hidden talent you have that no one knows about: If a few girls know about it, is it still considered hidden?
Craziest moment in the Nitro Circus: I haven’t really done much with them, but the not so sober go cart racing was pretty fun. Not really that crazy though.
My Momma always said: Follow your heart.
What’s your biggest weakness? Trudie
Who’s the most famous person following you on Twitter: Kaya Turski. She is a good friend and skier who just won the women’s  slopestyle at winter X games.
What famous person would you like to meet: Kobe Bryant
Last words: ever? I am going to have to think about this.