Tyler Roberts

Tyler Roberts - BMX

Age: 15
Hometown: Sandy, Utah
Currently resides: Sandy, Utah
What is your favourite food: pulled pork sandwich
What is your favourite place to visit: Southern Utah or Hawaii!
What do you do when no-one’s watching? Make sure nobody’s looking.. Ha
Worst piece of advice you ever received: “dont hit it”
Hidden talent you have that no one knows about: motocross and all action sports!
Craziest moment in the Nitro Circus: backflip superman on the giganta-o-ramp
My Momma always said: be yourself..
What’s your biggest weakness? Most likely my dress style!
Who’s the most famous person following you on Twitter: would it be rude if i didn’t have a twitter?
What famous person would you like to meet: the president of USA
Last words: “well…….see ya later!”