Clinton Moore

Clinton Moore - FMX

Age: 22
Hometown:  Bundaberg
Currently resides:  Bundaberg
Nickname: Clyde
What is your favorite food:  chicken parmagiana
What is your favorite place to visit: my play ground (compound)
What do you do when no-one’s watching?   I do it when no one is watching coz i don’t want anyone to no lol
Worst piece of advice you ever received:   don’t no i only listen to the good stuff…
Hidden talent you have that no one knows about: a good excavator operator
Craziest moment in the Nitro Circus: it will be the volt…
My Momma always said:  GET HERE YOU LITTLE S#!T haha
What’s your biggest weakness? :  my kids
Who’s the most famous person following you on Twitter: i don’t have twitter.
What famous person would you like to meet: the old school freestyle boys
Last words:  keep the fans of freestyle coming coz without them the sport wouldn’t be where it is today.