Chad Kagy

Chad Kagy - BMX

Age: 33
Hometown: Gilroy, CA
Live Now: State College, PA
Riding Buddies: Stevie McCann, Zack Warden, Alistair Whitton, Mykel Larrin, Jerimiah Smith
Favourite Line From A Movie: “Get busy livin’, or get busy dyin’” Shawshank Redemption
Nitro Member You’d Least Want To Room With Jolene – none of my shirts would have sleeves!
Best Looking Nitro Member: Wheelz – I think he secretly works out to keep that figure and secretly does some modelling on the side
Craziest Person On Tour:Special Greg. He does a little bit of everything in the show and does it all well.
Dream Date:February 15th. Not too cold, not too hot.
If You Were A Superhero, What Would You Be Called?:I would be called Wheelz, just like my hero
Favourite Memory Of Last Tour:The road trip from Adelaide to Melbourne. Cool scenery, good friends, van filled with Kerosene rather than Diesel
Worst Memory From Last Tour:Watching Robbie Adelberg crash and break bones, not good
Sponsors:Alpinestars, Arma, GoPro, Real Water, Albe’s, Woodward, HPI