Andy Buckworth

Andy Buckworth – BMX

Age: 20
Hometown: lake haven
Currently resides: east coast or american and nsw aussie
Nickname: andy pandy,dingo,
What is your favorite food: nachos, timtams
What is your favorite place to visit: paris
What do you do when no-one’s watching? wouldn’t you like to know
Worst piece of advice you ever received: “umm just give it a go if it works it works if not you will get hurt ”
Hidden talent you have that no one knows about: i can kick my self in the head with both feet at the same time, but people know about it
Craziest moment in the Nitro Circus: flipping 50 foot on a razor scooter
My Momma always said: make your bed
What’s your biggest weakness?  attractive girls
Who’s the most famous person following you on Twitter: don’t have twitter (im not a twit)
What famous person would you like to meet: already met them DAVE MIRRA
Last words: Yeah mate Yeah !!!!!!!
Sponsors: Monster, JETPILOT, Miraco bikes,Vans
Career Achievements:Xgames 2010 bronze medal, Dew tour 2010 3rd, 2012 bmx worlds 3rd place, 2012 play contest 2nd
World Firsts:No handed double frontflip, Super man double frontflip, Quad whip on giganta ramp, Double flip on spine ramp, Flip hand plant on spine ramp