The 2013 Nitro Circus Live tour has come to a close, with the crew of 40 of the world’s greatest action sports athletes thrilling the 17,000-strong crowd at Westpac Stadium in Wellington tonight, throwing down some of the hugest tricks that the extreme sports genre has to offer.

Spanning the cities of Dunedin, Christchurch, Auckland, Hamilton, and finally climaxing in Wellington this evening, the world’s greatest live action sports show has stunned over 85,000 Kiwi residents with their electrifying brand of action, on both the freestyle motocross side, and off the 50-foot high Nitro Gigant-A-Ramp.

Among the many highlights was Australian FMXer Josh Sheehan, who was consistently throwing down absolutely perfect double backflips. This trick is the most dangerous in action sports, with Sheehan launching his one hundred kilogram dirtbike thirty feet skyward, before rotating twice and slamming back down to earth. The slightest mistake can cause extremely serious consequences, but ‘Sheeny’ was inch perfect every night. Sheehan and fellow Aussie Clinton Moore also combined to throw down the biggest side-by-side ruler flips that the Land of the Long White Cloud has ever seen.

On the Giganta side, James Foster stunned Kiwi audiences by consistently throwing down the unbelievable BMX triple backflip, a trick made famous by New Zealand’s own Jed Mildon, another member of the Nitro Circus Live crew. One of the biggest highlights of the tour was Foster’s amazing courage during the Auckland event at North Harbour Stadium, where he crashed heavily attempting the trick, ran back to the top of the Gigant-A-Ramp to attempt it again, and landed perfectly, sending the crowd into raptures.

Speaking of Mildon, the Taupo native shocked the BMX world by performing a double backflip tailwhip for the first ever time on the planet. This is a trick that many never thought possible, due to the fact that the act of whipping the bike around causes the backflip rotation to almost stop. Mildon however, despite not having practiced the trick for over a month, decided that it was time to open his bag of tricks in Wellington for the final stop of the tour, and to the amazement of the entire Nitro crew, stomped it at the first attempt. Mildon was mobbed at the bottom of the ramp, and it was a moment that will not be forgotten for a very long time.

Also in BMX, Jaie Toohey completed his courageous return from consecutive horrific fractures of his leg, coming back and stomping the trick that had haunted him, the backflip triple tailwhip. Matty Whyatt regularly landed his very own trick, the ‘Whyatt Riot’, and Special Greg continued to show why he earned his nickname, rolling into Giganta and throwing down his unbelievable, world famous trick, the ‘Special Flip’.

One of the newest members of Nitro Circus Live, French FMXer Thomas Pages, was a consistent crowd favourite with his exhilarating brand of right-way-up tricks on the dirtbike. His whips and turndowns are without a doubt the biggest on the planet, and his extension on tricks such as the ruler, base jump, and flatliner simply have to be seen to be believed. Every single night, Pages would also combine with Aussie Clinton Moore to perform side-by-side body varials, where the two daredevils leave their bikes, perform a full 360 in mid-air, before blindly groping for the bars, straightening their trajectory, and riding out.

Back on Giganta side, many of the contraptions riders continued to innovate in their respective sports. Brandon Schmidt, a snowboarder on his first ever Nitro tour, mastered the Gigant-A-Ramp immediately, regularly riding out of double backflips and 540s, and also getting extremely close to stomping a world first triple backflip. Ryan Williams, one of the world’s best scooter riders, continued his rise to stardom, throwing down unbelievable tricks like the quad tailwhip, frontflip scooter whip, the scooter flip, and also getting extremely close to landing his very own world first, the ‘Silly Willy’ a full twisting 360 double frontflip.

Tour promoter Michael Porra said, “We continue to be amazed at the fantastic response that we receive every single time we come to New Zealand. The action sports crowds here are some of the best on the planet, and we know that every time we come down, the stadiums are going to be packed to the rafters, and really, really loud.”

“We brought this brand new show to New Zealand, and the riders pulled off a bunch of world first tricks that we never even thought were possible.”

The Nitro Circus Live tour will now begin a 15-stop tour of Regional Australia, before returning to Europe later in 2013.

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