NCL Star Jolene Van Vugt Break Guiness Land Speed Record For Toilet

Canadian female action sports star, Jolene Van Vugt, set a new land speed Guinness World Record® for the fastest motorized toilet at Allphones Arena in Sydney today, beating the existing record of 68 km/h by 7 km/h.

Senior police were on hand to record the official speed of the ridiculous contraption, which hit a maximum of speed 75km/h within 100m. Guidelines set by Guinness World Records to break the record, stated that Van Vugt must complete the stunt in both directions with an average of the two speeds taken.

After a few technical issues with the toilet, which was hand built by Nitro Circus Live engineers; Van Vugt set a new record of 69km/h. However she was determined to get the toilet over 70km/h, so she went for another attempt and pushed through some scary speed wobbles to reach 75 km/h in both directions.

The stunt officially launched the 2012 Nitro Circus Live Australian Capital City Tour, which the toilet was created for and will feature in, alongside a host of other ridiculous contraptions.

“I flew into Australia yesterday and came out here to jump straight on the toilet! That was so fun and I’m stoked to get the record. Events like this really show the fun side of Nitro Circus and you can expect a whole lot more of it during our Australian tour over the next five weeks,” said Jolene.

The 31 year old professional stunt woman from Canada has a motocross background and holds a host of other Guinness World Records including being the first female to backflip a motorbike. She also rode a motorbike into the Grand Canyon with Nitro Circus Ringmaster Travis Pastrana.

Nitro Circus Live is the live spectacle of the world famous Nitro Circus DVDs and the hit MTV series. Each show combines the biggest and best freestyle motocross (FMX) stunts with insane BMX and skateboard action as well as the famous Nitro Circus crew performing outrageous stunts on crazy contraptions launched off the 50 foot high Nitro Gigant-A-Ramp.

Since its worldwide debut in Australia in 2010, almost 400,000 tickets have been sold throughout Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Las Vegas, USA, resulting in $40 million in ticket sales. Following the Australian tour Nitro Circus Live will take on Europe for the first time later this year, which will correspond with the global release of the Nitro Circus 3D movie.