2012 European Tour Finishes With a Bang With Sold Out UK Leg

The record-breaking, first ever Nitro Circus Live European Tour is complete, finishing with a set of back-to-back-to-back sell out shows in London, Manchester and Birmingham.

Audiences across Europe have been blown away, as this unbelievable production tore across seven countries and 11 cities in a whirlwind month-long tour.

Live action sports touring records were smashed, as the tour sold shows out across the board, including in Arnhem, Holland, where 28,000 screaming Dutch fans packed themselves into the Gelredome to witness the NCL athletes hurl themselves off the 50-foot high Nitro Gigant-A-Ramp. It was Nitro’s largest ever live audience, and the biggest audience ever at a European action sports event.

Among the highlights, which are almost too many to mention, was Josh Sheehan throwing down perfect double backflips at almost every stop on tour. The trick, invented by Nitro Circus Live founder Travis Pastrana, and performed until recently by Nitro athlete Cam Sinclair, is undoubtedly the most dangerous trick that can be performed on a dirtbike. Despite this, ‘Sheeny’ launched himself 50 feet into the air night after night, never once faltering under the enormous pressure and risk.

Tour newcomer and European local, Thomas Pages, announced his position on tour with an enormous bang, bringing his unbelievable range of right-way-up tricks, and showing why he is considered to be perhaps the most exciting FMX rider on the planet right now. You could almost hear the audience’s jaws hit the floor as Tom threw down the biggest whips and turndowns on the planet, literally getting the bike facing completely backwards. He was also consistently performing the gravity-defying ‘Special Flip’, where he leaves the bike and performs a backflip on his own, before getting back on, and combining with Aussie FMXer Clinton Moore to perform the world’s first side-by-side Vaults.

Tour MVC, American FMXer Adam Jones, re-enforced his standing as one of the most versatile men on a dirtbike, performing every single one of the biggest backflip variations in the sport. Not only was he throwing down tricks like the cordoba backflip, the cliffhanger backflip, and the ruler flip, but he was also doing a trick only a handful of riders are capable of, the seemingly impossible ‘double grab backflip’, where he reaches back and grabs the seat of the dirtbike with both hands, and extends off the back of the bike, before somehow pulling himself back to the bars and completing the rotation. Adam amazed both the audience and the crew at every single show.

Holding it down for the fairer sex, Jolene Van Vugt was throwing down a backflip on a dirtbike every single night, only 18 months after undergoing a full shoulder reconstruction, after coming down performing that very same trick at a show in New Zealand. Not only that, at our Manchester event, Jolene become the first woman ever to perform a backflip variation when she removed her hand and performed a monster one-handed backflip. She truly is the craziest woman on the planet.

On the Giganta side, things were headed up by American BMX star James Foster, the only man in the world consistently throwing down the mind-blowing triple backflip. Every single night, Foster would hurl himself over the 45-foot gap, rotating at unbelievable speed before touching down. He took a bunch of massive hits, but he also rode out on a number of occasions, inevitably lifting the roof off the stadium when he did.

Special Greg continued to show why he is one of the toughest men in the sport, showing complete abandon for his own safety when performing the trick that he invented and named, The Special Flip. Like Pages on the FMX side, Special would leave the bike, do a backflip in mid-air, and then reach for the seat and attempt to pull himself back on. With his uncanny ability to somehow get himself back on that bike and ride away, despite being completely separated from his bike, Special amazed the European crowds, and us.

Other notable BMX performers included Baios Brandon Loupos – whose trick, the ‘Cash Roll’ seemingly defies gravity. Matty Whyatt, throwing down the ‘Whyatt Riot’, a trick that he invented where he performs a backflip tailwhip, and before landing also rounds it off with a super-late 360, and Andrew Ahumada, who stepped up after the injury to Andy Buckworth, and perfected the double frontflip, as well as his huge frontflip supermans and frontflip tail-whips.

On the skate side of things, Beaver Fleming showed his unbelievable skill, being the first man ever to land the backflip finger-flip off the Gigant-A-Ramp set-up and got wheels down almost rode out the world’s 1st ever skateboard double backflip. His fantastic range of tricks was complimented by Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins Pastrana, one of the greatest female skateboarders in the world, also hurling herself over the massive gap every single night, pulling off a Christ Air, and wheels down on a backside 360.

One of the biggest highlights of the night was always the ‘Nitro Bomb’, where 18 riders from both the FMX and Gigant-A-Ramp sides would get up-side down in the air at the same time. This is an unbelievable spectacle that has to be seen to be believed.

Amongst all this carnage, European crowds saw a Barbie Car piloted by Jolene Van Vugt, a beer cooler, a shopping trolley, tandem trikes, tandem scooters, boogie boards and snowmobiles all sent off the Gigant-A-Ramp with varying degrees of skill and control.

With almost 140,000 tickets sold, the first ever Nitro Circus Live European Tour was undoubtedly a massive success, and the cast and crew were blown away by the response they received from the crowds and fans across the continent. It was an experience that will not soon be forgotten.

And in fantastic news for European action sports fans, the tour will be returning in 2013, with new venues, more shows, and even more ridiculous action. Selected shows are already on sale now, and more will become available early in the new year. Keep your eyes locked on nitrocircuslive.com for details. Head to http://nitrocircuslive.com/upcoming-tours/european-tour-2013/ to book your seats.